28 Creative Email Marketing Ideas To Help You Stand Out In 2022

Do you also sometimes feel that you are sending an email and it is just not landing the way you wanted it to?

Well, it’s time for you to change the pattern of your emails.

An effective email marketing campaign can help you build a strong relationship with your leads and turn them into loyal customers.

To make your email marketing campaigns a success, here are 28 incredible email marketing ideas that you can steal to stand out from your competitors.

1. Newsletter

An email newsletter contains content and information that raises brand awareness and drives subscribers to your e-commerce store. You can also direct your subscribers to even more useful content like how your product can benefit them.

2. Welcome Emails

You must welcome new subscribers and give them a sense of excitement! Introduce people to your brand and tell them what you are all about. This type of email will provide an excellent marketing opportunity as it has a high open rate as compared to other types of emails.

3. Reminder Emails

It is always a good idea to send out reminder emails as part of your introduction sequence. 

For instance, a reminder for subscribers to finish setting up their profile on your site or an email reminding them to get the tickets for your upcoming show. These kinds of emails will encourage the users to start getting involved with your brand.

4. Curated content

It is a good idea to introduce subscribers to your products in a not very promotional way. You can send a list of products curated around a particular theme. It’s like a newsletter but for products rather than content.

You could also make the theme seasonal, related to an event, or group your best sellers in the email.

5. Social Proof Emails

Adding social proof can change the consumer’s perception of a brand. When you show people that others are fans of your company and its products, the customer is more likely to jump on the bandwagon.

You can share the number of happy customers your brand has. This will make the recipients think that if many people are using a product, maybe I should too.

6. Stock Updates Emails

You must remind customers that an item they were interested in is now back in stock. These types of emails are effective as customers are more likely to rush to purchase before the product sells out again.

7. Browse Abandonment Emails

The people who browse casually, still have some level of buying intent, even if it’s not as much as those who abandon their carts. You should get these potential buyers back on board with a well-timed and engaging email.

8. FOMO Emails

These are such emails that creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) in customers who are in two minds about buying a product. Such emails give them an extra little nudge. 

The FOMO factor encourages customers to purchase before the item is gone. You can emphasize the fact that it’s not just the customer’s last chance to bag an offer but also their only chance.

9. Testimonial Emails

When you add testimonials in emails, it will make your customers look at reviews as part of the product research phase. It will help them make a final decision. 

Big brands like Michael Kors include convincing testimonials in their emails that show potential buyers how the product could change their lives.

10. Abandoned Cart Emails

More than 50 percent of the carts are left abandoned before the users make any purchase. You should use proper email marketing to encourage interested customers to continue with their purchases.

You can offer discount coupons to win the customer back.

11. Invitation Emails

If you want to develop a relationship with your customers, you must add engagement options in your emails. You can engage them by offering something useful or send an invitation. 

You can invite your audiences to join your webinar or a live video or a function where you’ll be present and they could be benefitted.

12. Informational Emails

It’s always a good idea to send an informational email during the consideration stage as they explain how your product or service works. 

Such emails give subscribers a better understanding of how it will benefit them and may answer the unasked questions that are preventing them from making a purchase of your product.

13. New Arrival Emails

Such types of emails introduce subscribers to the new products and encourage them to dig deeper and know more about your brand. Ultimately, the goal is to increase demand for your new item.

You can share useful information about the new products and, more importantly, focus on the unique selling purpose of your product.

14. Occasion Emails

Occasions, holidays, and festivals act as a major opportunity for brands to make a ton of sales. It’s the time when consumers buy more than usual. 

Occasion emails involve more than just adding a theme to your regular emails, you can use them to send targeted emails that drive conversions.

15. Reward Emails

Rewards such as discounts are one of the simplest yet most effective ways to bag a sale. Consumers crave discounts and there are lots of ways to offer discounts. 

16. Product Recommendation Emails

You can guide consumers toward purchase by sending them relevant product recommendations. 

You should focus on personalizing the items based on a user’s previous actions or purchases, such as previously bought or browsed products.

17. Show off Emails

Showing off the results of your works is a great move to try on your customers. Show off emails can be write-ups, case studies, or some data that highlights the value of your offerings.

You can get as creative as you want to generate excitement among your prospects to make them feel what they are missing out on.

18. Limited edition Emails

Limited editions are made to stand out from the rest. If you have a limited edition product or limited time deals, it’s a great opportunity to alert your email list with an outstanding email. 

This can make them feel valued and help to strengthen your relationship, regardless of whether or not they make a purchase.

19. Upsell Emails

You can use upsell emails to increase the average order value for returning customers. All you have to do is encourage recipients to upgrade their purchase to a higher quantity next time.

In upsell emails, you can remind your customer that he/she is due a refill.

20. Post Purchase Emails

Post purchase emails include order confirmation emails. Such types of emails have the highest open rates. This is simply because the customers are keen to see that their purchase went through correctly. 

In order confirmation emails, you can direct the customer to your mobile app if you have any. 

21. Thank You Emails

It is important to show gratitude to your customers. You can show your customers that you appreciate them by sending a thank you note when they complete an action such as making a purchase. 

Customers are more likely to return to a brand they know cares about them.

22. Teaser Emails

Teaser emails are short emails showing a quick glance of your new launch. Teaser emails are a great way to get people talk about your upcoming product.

After sending a teaser email, when your product goes live, you are launching to an excited audience that is primed and ready to take action.

23. Referral Emails

Your target audience will always trust the recommendation from a family member or friend more than an influencer. So, it is always worth asking your loyal customers to make a referral.

You should send emails to encourage referrals.

24. Giveaway Emails

Sending giveaway emails to your audience is a good way to engage with the subscribers and reward them. Giveaway emails tend to keep the subscribers from hitting the unsubscribe button and keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.

All you need to remember is to keep the giveaway relevant to your brand to encourage more and more purchases.

25. Hilarious Emails

You need to understand that your customers don’t want to see promotional emails that sell products all the time. They want to see entertaining content as well, so be sure to add humor and pun in emails.

26. Birthday Emails

You can use birthday emails to make your customers feel special. Wish your email subscribers a happy birthday and delight them with an offer. 

Birthday emails are another form of appreciation email that helps create loyal customers.

27. Free shipping Emails

Another type of special offering you can share to drive sales is Free Shipping. Free shipping allows you to offer up a discount without actually having to mark down prices.

This can be helpful if you’re offering up luxury goods and don’t want its perceived value to be tarnished by price reductions.

28. Survey Emails

To retain more customers, you need to know their opinions on your products and the customers experience. 

You can also send survey emails so that you can fix any issues that cause people to switch brands.


Now that you’ve seen different kinds of emails that can prove to be effective in 2022. Before writing one, you should map out the customer journey to see where you can fit these emails in. 

Be strategic in your approach and target customers with the right kind of message at the right time.

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