9 Landing Page Design Tips To Improve Conversion Rate

Unable to improve the conversion rate of your landing page?

Are you looking for some landing page design tips to help you generate more leads and conversions?

An effective landing page can make a big difference in a marketing campaign. Your visitors are more likely to take action through a landing page that’s more laser-focused on a specific goal.

In order to increase your conversion rate, the landing page design needs to provide a smooth user experience.

To provide a smooth user experience, you need to keep in mind these 9 landing page design tips.

What is a Landing Page?

The concept of a landing page is to create a webpage specifically for promoting or advertising a product or service. 

When a visitor clicks on a link in an email, or ads on Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or similar places, they “land” on this page.

Using landing pages will help you follow through on any promises you’ve made in your content. 

In addition to landing pages, you can use them to generate leads. Landing pages can link to other pages or redirect to a specific URL such as your e-commerce site. 

The goal of landing pages is to collect contact information in exchange for items like an eBook, a free trial, a contest entry or a webinar registration. 

It is the job of a landing page to convince a lead to take action and become a potential customer.

A potential customer is more likely to end up on the landing page if they are able to locate it either through a general search or through your company’s website.

Landing pages are the new direct marketing, and everyone with the website is a direct marketer.

– Seth Godin

Why is it important to design a landing page?

In light of the above discussion about what landing pages are, let’s discover why they’re so important:

1. Generates leads

Lead generation is one of the foremost aspects of designing a landing page.

Lead generation, qualification, and lead nurturing are all possible with landing pages.

2. Tracks data

In order to measure prospects’ engagement with your landing pages, you can track data from them.

For example, you can determine whether a prospect has downloaded multiple offers or signed up for multiple webinars using this information. Prospects with this level of engagement are more likely to purchase soon.

Furthermore, landing page data can be tracked and analyzed to understand your marketing offer’s effectiveness. 

To optimize your marketing, you can compare the data from different offers and see what works and what doesn’t.

3. Tests and optimizes

The landing pages themselves can also be tested and optimized just like the landing page data.

Testing is possible on almost every element of the landing page. To find out what gets people to convert and what stops them, you can test images, headlines, copy, and form fields.

4. Increases engagement

If your offer has already been valued by others like them, people are more likely to engage and convert.

Make sure you include testimonials, videos, pictures, and titles of people who have enjoyed your content.

You’ll see improvements in conversion rates as well as a more inviting appearance on the page when you do this.

9 Tips to design effective landing pages

Visitors are more likely to convert to customers if a landing page is effective and persuasive. 

Take a look at these simple tips for creating a successful landing page:

1. Choose the best color scheme

An eye-catching image and clever use of color are essential for a successful landing page design. 

You will see a huge difference in your landing page’s conversion rates based on how well it looks, feels, and is structured.

In order to increase landing page conversions, there are certain button colors to consider, such as red or green, but above all, ensure that your button color contrasts well with your background.

2. Provide to the point information

Landing pages should provide visitors with all the information needed to convert, but not any extras.

Visitors can become overwhelmed by too much information, so provide only what is essential to guide them through the conversion process.

Maintain a clean, easy-to-navigate page without distracting elements (such as pop-ups). 

Using below-the-fold space to display information in a non-intrusive manner is a great way to create a clean and attractive visual impression.

3. Make proper use of Headlines and Sub-headings

The best landing pages have a strong offer and should describe why the offer is valuable clearly and concisely. 

You can emphasize your offer’s value in the landing page headline and subheadings. 

Ideally, landing pages confirm the offer in the headline and explain the value proposition in the subheadings.

4. Add various trust signals

An endorsement from past customers or clients can provide reassurance to visitors in so many ways. Testimonials are a classic form of trust signal. 

During the landing page design process, it is essential to include a variety of trust signals that demonstrate that the brand and offer are trustworthy.

5. Make it compatible with Mobile devices

Nearly 30% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, which makes it essential that your landing page is easily navigable on them. 

It has been proven that a mobile-friendly site can even double conversions. 

The landing page on your website should be easy to navigate, fast-loading, and attractive on mobile devices.

6. Use the right way to collect information

Having a visitor visit your site naturally entices you to gather as much information about them as you can. 

The key to creating a good landing page, however, is to keep it simple.

Having a lot of fields to fill out will reduce the chances of a visitor completing the form. 

You can use a form if you need to convert but ask for only the necessary information. Whenever you need more information, you can always ask on the thank you page.

7. Determine your audience

Make sure your landing pages are tailored to the needs of each audience. 

It is likely that you will get traffic from a variety of sources if you have a great offer. 

Make sure your landing pages are customized to meet the needs of different audiences as much as possible. 

You may see a different outcome when a user visits your landing page from Twitter or Facebook post than if they visit through a PPC ad or newsletter link.

8. Check PPC ads and Landing page copy

To ensure that the landing pages are effective, landing page copies must match the keywords and text of the PPC ad. 

Maintaining consistency and using the same language and key phrases helps the visitors to feel confident and assures that they are on the right page.

Additionally, it’s important to connect the users to the content they are searching for.

9. Make sure to test before launch

Last but not the least, a good landing page needs to be tested.

Testing is absolutely essential to creating an effective landing page.

A landing page’s performance can be tracked and tested to understand what it’s doing well and what it’s not.

Best Landing page builder

Building an effective landing page requires an effective landing page builder.

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Using CloudFunnels, you will not need to buy any additional hosting. It offers many free plugins to make your work easier. The best part about this software is that it integrates with all the major CRMs & autoresponders.

Features of CloudFunnels are:

  • Helps in making varieties of landing pages on one sub-domain
  • SEO-friendly landing pages
  • Supports A/B testing and split testing
  • Zapier integrated
  • One-click installation
  • Drag and drop feature; no-coding skills require
  • Support for building short or long landing pages

CloudFunnels offers 2 affordable plans:

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Elite Yearly Plan: $67.00

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Landing pages are one of the most popular marketing strategies that is used to generate leads. They are intended to attract visitors and convert them into buyers and subscribers. 

Now, that you know how important it is to design a landing page properly, go ahead and get started building yours.

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Good Luck! 

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