Month: April 2018

Online Advertising : Facebook Vs Google Vs Twitter Vs LinkedIn Vs Quora – Which is The Best Platform?

The ultimate guide that tells you how to target the correct audience on each platform The Internet is a jungle, and no two animals are the same even if they are vying for the same set of eyeballs….

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Free WordPress Plugin For GDPR Compliance

Hello, The last date for GDPR compliance is near and a lot of you must be a bit worried. How is it going to affect you? What sort of issues will it create? Who can you hire to…

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3 Things You Need To Know About Live Videos

You know Internet businesses have to be crazy competitive, and I am not just talking about smaller businesses like you or me, but the big guns like Facebook and YouTube. Right now there‚Äôs a turf war on the…

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Welcome, and Thanks For Being so Awesome

I started Teknikforce from a quiet apartment in Pune five years ago with our first product Tubejeet, that I coded, designed, packaged and released solo. The journey began in 2013, but the seeds were laid 3 years ago…

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Get YouTube Video Tags Finder

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Welcome! Get your YouTube Video Tags Finder app here. Download YouTube Tags Finder See how it works See the other software we sell

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