Free WordPress Plugin For GDPR Compliance


The last date for GDPR compliance is near and a lot of you must be a bit worried. How is it going to affect you? What sort of issues will it create? Who can you hire to create a GDPR compliance dialog box for your WordPress site?

Well, don’t worry. Here’s a free plugin from Teknikforce that you can install on your WordPress site to get a GDPR compliant confirmation box on your site.

Just switch it on and your visitors will get the notice.

Download WordPress Plugin For GDPR  Compliance here

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About the Author: Cyril Maithily Gupta

Cyril M Gupta is the CEO of Teknikforce. A veteran programmer and marketer, he's also a travel junkie and a seeker of experiences.


  1. I downloaded it and installed the plugin. It doesn’t seem to cover all of the GDPR requirement – just the use of cookies.

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