How to create SEO-friendly content to keep both buyers and search engines happy?

Creating SEO – friendly content is an art that can make or break your writing career.

Writing SEO-friendly content involves answering your customer’s queries in a simple yet effective manner. Also, in addition to that, you need to optimize the keywords and key phrases that will help search engines to understand your content.

Anyone can write an article, but it takes special Ninja techniques to write SEO-optimized articles. When writing  SEO-friendly articles, there are several things that you should keep in mind. 

Don’t fret! 

Through this article, I will be sharing some tips for writing SEO-optimized articles that will rank better in search engines.

Tip #1: An Amazing Research on Keywords: 

The key to increasing traffic to your website is the Right keywords. Not only do keywords impact your rankings, but they are also the basic principle for creating great content. 

Keywords act as an anchor between what people are searching for and what content you are providing them to resolve their issues. 

You need to identify your target market and conduct competitor analysis, your keyword research will help you better understand the needs of the customer and what they’re searching for. 

You need this to create optimized content for your target market and getting your message in front of current and potential customers.  

Make sure to create a list of the keywords, remember your different target markets. Make sure to list out specific keywords for each group. 

Don’t worry if your lists are getting longer. The more keywords you have, the more content you can cover!

Once you are done listing out your keywords,  you can also use a keyword planner to help you organize your keywords and conduct further research. 

Tip #2: Research Your Topic Before Writing 

Okay, so if you are willing to write SEO-friendly content without doing proper research then you are simply stabbing in the darkness. 

To write SEO friendly content you need to research about two most important things: 

1. Who is your valuable audience? 

2. What they are looking for on the web?

Researching your topic is a very important and excellent way to start with SEO writing. This will help you take keywords you’d like to target and then provide you with ideas to help build out what content to create.

Tip #3: Include Headings and Sub Headings

No one wants to read long and unbreakable paragraphs. It’s better to keep things short and to the point. 

Heading and Sub Headings enhance the drenched keywords in the Content. 

Making the content easily readable and thus users feel good to read and comprehend it without losing interest. 

Tip  #4:  Interlinking is good for SEO

Interlinking is the process where your article has links to your other written articles related to the current article, so the reader can click and be redirected to another article on your site.

Personally, I’m a big fan of internal links and one should always use internal links to create their own small webs within their websites.

Internal links not only increase the average session duration of the visitor but also reduces the website’s bounce rate. 

Tip #5: Go Through PAA

PAA i.e People Also Ask, is Google’s SERP feature that showcases answers to questions related to user’s search query. 

From PAA pick the questions that are relevant to your article and answer them in your article. But, don’t stop here, as when you click on one of the questions, Google will add more questions after that.

This is an excellent way to ensure your SEO-optimized content answers queries that people are looking for.

Tip #6: Beautify Content With Images

No Doubt! People are visual creatures by nature.

Visual images are good because they make the content look attractive and easier to read.  They are also good for search engines since it’s an additional way to understand more about a given page.

You can make the page look good by adding bold, italics, images, videos, small paragraphs, and headings.

There’s a catch if you think by beautifying the text you will get better rankings then sadly you are living under a rock. 

By including graphics and videos can help in many other ways that can indirectly affect your rankings.

Here are some points on how to use images in your content:

– Make sure your images have the necessary copyrights.

– Don’t use numbers or characters instead use images that make sense to your content.

– Images should be optimized as it will slow down your website. 

– Use ALT text to describe what the image is about – you can use keywords as well.

Tip #7: Allow Shareable Content

Once you are done with writing your content make sure it is shareable. You can do that by simply putting social media buttons on the article.

More Shares will lead to more traffic, more engagement, and more leads. 

Tip #8: Did you check on your Competitors?

Okay, so this is the last tip from my side. 

We all are aware of the competition present on the Internet and trust me search engine has to work really hard in determining which content to show in their top positions. 

In order to increase your chances of getting a better position in the SERPs, you need to make sure that your page is better than your competitors.

You need to convince them by hook or by crook that your content is more the BEST and more beneficial to the searcher than what it’s already in their index.


In simple terms, SEO-friendly content means content that can be easily understood by search engines.

The more they understand about your page, the greater will be your chances of achieving a better ranking in their search results. 

Make a checklist of all the tips mentioned above. 

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