How To Create A Successful TikTok Marketing Strategy for 2022

Are you looking for various ways to expand your social media presence?

TikTok can be a great platform for your brand as there is little competition as compared to other social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram.

But do not underestimate the power of TikTok. If your target audience is more into video marketing, you must look for ways to leverage the power of TikTok and increase your sales.

Wondering how to take advantage of TikTok?

This article will help you with the 8 mind-blowing tips to create a successful TikTok marketing strategy.

1. Use the right hashtags for SEO

Hashtags are mainly used in videos to increase visibility. The best way to use the hashtag feature is by using relevant hashtags whenever you post content.

Don’t know what hashtags will fit your video?

Type a broad-based keyword in the search bar and TikTok will suggest a range of hashtags related to that phrase or word. Use the hashtags you feel are perfect for your video and you’re good to go.

2. Collaborate with other influencers on TikTok

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business on Twitter. It’s been proven again and again that people trust famous faces more than they trust brands.

TikTok is quite famous for influencer marketing as many youngsters have become incredibly popular through TikTok.

Thinking about how to connect with influencers?

Well, the easiest way is to message them personally and talk about your business and how promoting your business can help them. Build a genuine relationship with the influencers.

At first, you can aim for influencers with an average followers count, and then you can go for famous influencers.

3. Participate in challenges (Follow the current trends)

There are various types of challenges available in TikTok to which you can be a part. Among these challenges, hashtag challenges are one of the most popular things you can do on TikTok.

These challenges are an excellent way to increase engagement and brand awareness with very little effort.

A good hashtag challenge may inspire other TikTok users to talk about your product offline or on other social media platforms.

4. Leverage the power of TikTok ads

Wondering how TikTok ads can be helpful for marketing?

TikTok has a formal advertising system which makes it easier for users to advertise on TikTok.

Here are the 5 different types of ads that TikTok offers.

* Top view ads

Have you ever opened the TikTok app and the first thing you saw was an ad?

That’s the top view ads!

Top view ads capture the user’s attention through a full-screen experience. It can deliver a strong visual impact for brands. These ads are costly and hence becomes difficult for small businesses to take advantage of top view ads.

* In-feed ads

For in-feed ads, you need to create a TikTok ad account.

These are the standard ads that most Tikok marketers use. In-feed ads allow you to embed your video ads to play automatically on your target audience’s “For You” page.

* Brand takeover

Brand takeover ad format is rarely used by marketers. It’s usually a 3-5 seconds GIF about your product or service, or images, or video clips.

You can use such ads to link it with the landing page of your brand or use them in Hashtag Challenge on TikTok.

* Branded hashtags & branded effects

TikTok allows its users to set branded hashtags & create hashtag challenges. These ads come with a banner ad on their FYP which sends them directly to the page of the challenge.

5. Encourage more user-generated content

The trend of publishing user-generated content has increased in popularity especially for social media marketers.

If you’re looking to encourage user-generated content on TikTok, the best way is to ask your followers to promote your brand by publishing content.

Wondering how to use user-generated content on your account?

You can try using the Duet or Skitch feature on TikTok to repost your content.

6. Make engaging videos

Videos are the best form of content that can attract a larger audience. You know that right?

TikTok videos can only be up to a minute long and so you won’t get much time to put your message across.

To build brand awareness, you need to make your videos visually appealing. Also, add a detailed description to your video. The description should clearly say what your video has to offer.

If possible, you can also write your description in a way that people feel the urge to comment.

7. Comment on other videos & reply to the comments on your posts regularly

Do you reply to the comments of your audience on other platforms?

If not, then you’re making a grave mistake. Every audience needs attention and if you don’t give them what they want, your brand image may lead the path of destruction.

TikTok supports frequent user engagement. Hence, comments are a great way to achieve this.

Commenting on other TikTok users’ videos also increases the possibility of building up a conversation with your potential customers.

8. View the TikTok Analytics Data to track your result

Are you making choices based on your gut feeling?

Stop that right now! You’re making a grave mistake.

Decisions based on data will give you better results. Wondering what is data? Data is the information that is received from the TikTok analytics.

To access TikTok analytics, you need to create a Pro account. Only after creating an account, you’ll be able to find analytics in settings.

You can see your progress, a number of views, followers, and so on in the analytics dashboard itself. Read your analytics carefully and make your decisions based on that.


TikTok is a little different from the other social media platforms and so it might take you some time to understand how TikTok works.

Once you get the hang of it, things will become easier for you to reach a huge number of people at a relatively low cost.

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