Top 10 Tricks To Boost Your YouTube Channel’s Growth

Are you frustrated with a low viewership and subscriber count on your YouTube channel?

You’re not alone! There are millions of other YouTubers who want to increase likes & subscriber count on their channel.

But getting all that success is not easy! After all, success on a popular and competitive platform won’t come without a few challenges.

So, if you are wondering how to beat the competition and make it big on YouTube, this article is just for you!

Keep reading to find the top 10 tricks that will help you grow your channel quickly without even spending a fortune. Let’s get started!

1. Do your homework!

Putting hours of effort into your videos will mean nothing if your videos still lack views. The reason is simply the lack of proper preparation and research.

So, you must determine the general areas of your knowledge and interest in which you can make high quality videos. Collect information on what your audience wants and what strategies the top channels in those areas are following.

Finding a balance between your interests and viewer demands is crucial at this stage.

To get the right start, you must perform- 

  • Keyword and hashtag research
  • Viewer sentiment analysis
  • Analysis of popular videos and channels

This step can be tedious but lays the foundation of all coming steps. So, make sure you go for specialized software tools that will provide you detailed analytics and support at every stage.

2. Decide theme and keywords

Based on the results of the first step, you must choose a specific theme for your video and keywords that you wish to target.

In general, going with 10 minute videos and occasionally adding YouTube Shorts is considered a great idea.

Once the topic is determined, you need to decide a title for your video that is compelling, easy to understand and includes the top keywords that you found. Also note that your title should be interesting but not misleading, as viewers naturally expect authenticity from YouTubers.

3. Create outstanding content

This is the most effective way to attract more viewers to your videos. There is no substitute for great content!

While there are no fixed standards of good content! You will need compelling and engrossing videos that have high informational or entertainment value. 

Moreover, your video content must retain your viewers for longer durations and impress them enough to subscribe and share the video.

Add to this a creative introduction and an interesting thumbnail to watch your views and subscriber count soar!

4. Balance your consistency and flexibility

Consistency is a must have when it comes to boosting your YouTube channel’s growth. Prepare a schedule of your weekly activities and then start with your YouTube journey.

Upload videos quite often as no one is going to wait for your videos. If your subscribers see you’re not consistent enough, it will take a second for them to unsubscribe you and watch your competitor’s videos.

Also avoid changing the general theme of your videos randomly as that may disinterest your regular viewers and subscribers.

On the other hand, sticking to just one theme without adjusting to the changing interests of viewers will also lead to a slow decline of your channel. 

So, the key is to find a balance where you don’t change your content frequently, but keep adjusting it subtly to match the changing trends. Always do your homework!

5. Interact and Engage

The direct approach can indeed be effective, if done right!

Wondering how to do it in the right way?

Make sure your videos end with an engaging CTA which compels the audiences to subscribe & like your videos.

Also try to build greater engagement by asking viewers to comment their opinions, including your fans or popular influencers in your videos along with occasional YouTube polls. 

6. Add incentives!

Another effective engagement method is to offer incentives for subscriptions. After all, everyone loves free stuff! Incentives could include conducting contests, giveaways or promoting your subscriber’s channel in your videos.

7. Grow your reach through translations

There are many people out there who are unable to understand your language. You may find your potential customers in that group also. So why lose those customers?

Translate your videos in different languages and utilize the most of it. 

Now you might be thinking, how to translate all your videos manually? Well, that’s really impractical but redubbing and subtitling the same video into many other languages through one tool is not! 

With the right tool you can translate your YouTube video into any language of your choice on the click of a button!

8. Promote your channel on different social media platforms

As the name suggests, the internet is interlinked! So, if you’re having a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or some other social media platforms, don’t misuse the opportunity to promote there as well.

9. Monitoring and corrections

Keep track of your YouTube performance using analytics tools to find what you’re doing right and what needs improvements. A small change in strategy can often have big impacts on YouTube.

10. Always use the best tools

The right YouTube tools will automatically perform detailed analysis to provide you accurate and actionable insights for growing your channel at every step. Hence, using the best tools will save you a lot of time, effort and money!

Not sure which software to go for?

Here are some highly-effective yet affordable tools to help you succeed as a YouTuber-

  • Tube Tracker– YouTube SEO and tracking software that raises your rankings swiftly.
  • Traffic Jeet 4– Comprehensive video SEO suite with 6 powerful tools to boost your YouTube traffic.
  • Tube Rank Jeet 4– Powerful YouTube ranking software that ensures high rankings and viewership for your videos.
  • Tube Traffic– Specialized YouTube marketing and targeting software that attracts high-quality traffic that quickly converts to your subscribers or customers (if applicable).
  • Tube Engage Pro– Innovative tool that helps you find and engage with your competitor’s audience directly and acquire their leads.
  • Play Traffic– Unlocks the power of YouTube playlists to bring you high traffic automatically.
  • Vidscribe AI-Translates and subtitles your YouTube videos so you can upload the same video in 100s of languages, hence increasing your audience reach and penetration on YouTube.

Isn’t there a shortcut to success?

Well, to get the answer to this question, you need to dig a little deeper!

Now, you can always go for some subscription exchange schemes to increase your subscribers overnight by paying paltry amounts. But do you think this will get you enough views on a regular basis? Of course not! Because these techniques bring little rise in the views as your subscribers are often inactive or uninterested in your content.

Moreover, such practices may get your channel banned as they are in violation of YouTube policy. And no one likes to get their channel banned! Isn’t it?

Another failed technique used to boost views quickly is clickbait titles and thumbnails. That’s what you can find in many viral videos. But if you notice their channel properly, you’ll get to see only 1 or 2 of their videos get lots of views. Though the method may bring about a temporary boost in views, it is counterproductive in the longer run.


Because YouTube algorithms prefer high viewer retention over just views, and false claims may also cause a fall in the channel’s popularity and subscribers. 

So, your best bet is to go for effective and legal software while putting a consistent effort to grow your subscribers and views naturally.

Just stay at it with the right strategies and tools and success will find you soon!


YouTube can bring you a lot of popularity and revenues, but you must always remember that it’s a highly competitive platform. The key to success here is to consistently use the right strategy and tools to create in-demand content that your audience loves.

So, what’s the wait for? Apply these tricks today and watch your YouTube channel soar to new heights!

Did we just miss out on any point? Do you have something more to add? Go ahead and comment below!

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