10 Effective Ways To Beat Your Competition With Digital Marketing

Finally launched your online business? Congratulations!

But simply launching it and waiting for it to take off is not going to help. If you want your business to be successful, you need a great plan that can help you to beat your competitors and stand out from the crowd.

Effective digital marketing has indeed been the driving factor behind the success of numerous businesses, but the business world is becoming increasingly dynamic and competitive by the day! 

Every business is looking for more brand awareness, more customers, and more reach. And only the most efficient and updated businesses can make it to the top of this marketing game!

So, do you want to be on top? Want to beat your competitors?

Here are some amazing tips to help your business surpass its competition by leveraging the latest digital marketing trends in 2022-

Reap the local market with local SEO

What comes to your mind when talking about expanding your market?

If it’s just plans of going global, you may be missing the opportunities back home!

Don’t forget to focus on local SEO first to grow your local market base before going international. This is because an increased penetration into your local market can get you many customers at a much lower cost! In this regard, you may go for-

  • Adding your business’s landmarks on digital maps like Google Maps. 
  • Keyword research to optimize your content for local audiences.
  • Text/video translation to create and share content in local languages.
  • Promotion on local entertainment or news websites and so on…

The tools that can help you with this include SEMrush, Google Analytics, Google Maps, VidScribe AI, Linguascribe.

Go viral!

If there’s one way to get quick success in marketing, it’s viral marketing! 

Going viral is like a dream come true for marketers.

Viral content like popular videos, influencer content and entertaining memes can work wonders for your marketing campaign! 

So don’t let this opportunity pass! You never know when your content will go viral.

Go for specialized content creation and content discovery tools to either build or share attention-grabbing content regularly and watch your sales skyrocket.

Some tools that can help you with this are Canva, Mighty Memes, Viral Reach and so on.

Offer competitive pricing

One of the most effective ways to get ahead of your competition is to set a competitive pricing for your products or services.

But for a competitive pricing strategy, it’s important to know the pricing of the products and services offered by your competitors. To find that out, it’s very important to do proper research.

Once you’re done with the research work, find out which tier your customers belong to. Is it upper, middle, or lower tier?

Based on all these factors, set the prices of your products & services. If you want to set a price which is lower than what your competitors are offering, go ahead and fix it. But make sure you do not suffer loss!

Prioritize video marketing

We all love to watch videos more than reading a long piece of content. Isn’t it?

But sometimes videos can be boring too! To make your viewers hooked to your videos, it’s important to publish engaging & engrossing content.

Make sure you’re making videos on trending topics if you want to beat your competitors in the field of video marketing.

Video content has gained the top spot when it comes to modern marketing content and to be on top it’s important to remain consistent in this field.

So, it’s time to prioritize the regular creation of high-quality video content to promote your offerings and sharing it consistently on YouTube, social media, webinars or even landing/sales pages.

Remember to use the best recording equipment, editing tools and skilled professionals to create compelling videos that relate with your customers. 

Moreover, you must translate your videos to reach a wider audience and also apply targeting and SEO on your uploaded content to get the best results.

The software tools that can help you with cost effective video marketing include TubeTarget, Tube Rank Jeet 4, YouTube Studio, VidIQ and Google Analytics.

Be in tune with the latest trends

The world of digital marketing is changing rapidly and you must be agile and updated to make the most of the latest technologies before your competitors take over!

Not all new trends will be feasible for your business, but you can’t afford to miss out on a big opportunity! So, you must always continue your research and keep an eye out for any technologies that your business can benefit from.

Some of the latest technologies that you may explore include-

  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality and Metaverse 
  • Chatbots 
  • Internet of Things
  • AI powered content creation

Personalize your promotion

Who doesn’t love personalization?! Customers love to see their names on emails & messages.

Hence, personalization of your promotional messages can work wonders by creating a lasting positive impression about you in your prospective customers’ minds.

Personalized content creates a greater relatability and personal connection with your prospects which leaves a much higher impact as compared to standardized ads. 

It helps you to stand out amidst your competitors with its familiarity and gives you a major competitive advantage. After all, no one likes to feel like just another customer!

What’s more? By using the latest tools, you can apply personalization everywhere from emails and image ads to social media posts and even landing pages! 

Go global!

As your business goes global, so should your marketing strategy! After all, the preferences of your target market can vary widely based on the market factors in the respective region. And this variation is huge when you go international!

So, you must expand your market research to cover all possible regions and find which markets are ideal for selling your offerings. Then you must design separate marketing strategies for each market according to your research about their environment.

The factors to consider here must include the region’s language, government policies, culture, competitors, customer needs and their purchasing power amongst others. Lastly, you must finalize and implement your digital marketing strategies for every region.

Using translation, analytics and advertising software will be highly beneficial in your marketing research and implementation stage when expanding to new markets.

Optimize and apply cold email marketing

Though cold emailing is difficult, still it can get you more leads & customers than expected.

While incorporating the new trends, it is also important to continue with tried and tested methods such as SEO, backlink building and cold email marketing.

Moreover, cold emailing should be given top priority as it has stood the test of time and proven its worth for various businesses.

After all, emails are the most direct and customizable method of contacting a wide base of prospective customers.

So, you must apply your cold email campaign by using the most cost-effective email automation tools that offer the most advanced features.

Some key features to look for include scheduling, personalization, auto-responding, custom email sequences, templates, url spinning and spam term removal.

Go for an integrated marketing strategy

The time for separate promotional initiatives on distinct platforms is now gone!

You must go for an integrated marketing strategy that incorporates the best of all digital marketing mediums to form a complete sales funnel. 

This includes the combined use of email marketing, social media marketing and video marketing amongst others.

The aim behind an integrated strategy must be to cover a wider range of customers while streamlining all your marketing efforts as per one plan.

Raise your profitability with the right tools

The most difficult task becomes easy with the right tool in hand! You know that right?

Hence, using the correct tools will raise the cost efficiency and effectiveness of your entire marketing campaign, which in turn will raise the profitability and sales of your business. 

In fact, all the above mentioned tips can be best applied by using the right marketing software.

So, here are some of the most reliable and powerful marketing tools that will do all the hard work for you at surprisingly low costs-

  • Mail Engine (email marketing)
  • SellitPics (content personalization)
  • Postifluence (backlink research and building)
  • CloudFunnels (sales funnel building)
  • TubeTarget (targeted YouTube advertising)
  • Tube Rank Jeet 4 (YouTube research and SEO)
  • VidScribe AI (video content translation)
  • AdPlify (Facebook advertising)


Now you’re well aware of the key strategies that can help you beat your competition and can take you to the top.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply the mentioned suggestions to get the competitive edge that your business needs for success in 2022!

Do you have something to add? We’ll be glad to hear from you! Please comment below and let us know your ideas and opinions…

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