Top 10 SEO Trends To Boost Your Marketing In 2022

Are you looking for the latest SEO trends in 2022 to boost the rankings and traffic of your website?

The internet houses over 1.5 billion websites while over 56 billion web pages have been indexed by Google so far. Hence, you can well understand how difficult it is to rank your website in the first page of Google.

But there is always a way out!

This is where Search Engine Optimization techniques like keyword addition, website optimization, backlink building etc. have proven their effectiveness. But SEO is itself becoming an area of rising competition as numerous businesses strive to make the most of it! 

As a result, it is now important to get ahead of traditional techniques & tune in with the latest SEO trends that give you that added competitive edge.

So, here are the top SEO trends in 2022 that you must explore to maximize your online visibility and sales-

Growing importance of first party data collection

With Google removing support from third party cookies, tracking user behavior with cookies is becoming infeasible. Hence, it’s becoming increasingly important to gather data directly from target customers for SEO. 

Now the question is how?

You must provide incentives to your website visitors to share their information. And you can do this by adding sign up forms which must be filled to enable newsletters, free quotes, discounts or other benefits.

This first-party data will eventually help you to track the market trends and optimize your SEO strategy accurately.

The core web vitals

Google recently introduced new metrics called the core web vitals i.e. Loading, Interactiveness and Visual stability. These are important ranking factors that are considered by the search engine while ranking any website.

Hence, your website must be optimized on the basis of these 3 metrics in order to ensure that it loads fast, gets interactive immediately and loads in a stable manner. 

You must prioritize these optimizations as they are now considered as key ranking factors by Google.

Refreshing of content 

The internet is overflowing with content on diverse topics!

So, just writing good content is no longer enough as there is probably a lot of similar content available.

Moreover, your content may get outdated soon due to new trends and developments. And such content naturally lowers your traffic and SEO rankings.

Hence, you must now write exceptional content and refresh it regularly to include the latest news or trends in it.

In simple words, your content must be outstanding and up-to-date or else it would be lost amidst the existing crowd!

Omnichannel SEO 

It is becoming imperative to expand the scope of SEO as digital marketing campaigns are expanding across various channels. As a result, Omnichannel SEO is becoming one of the top SEO trends in 2022.

Hence, you must now incorporate SEO into your marketing strategy on various platforms.

This includes SEO on YouTube, social media, blog forums and websites.

Along with website SEO to rank high on Google searches, you should focus on SEO for your YouTube videos, SEO for Google Play store (if you have an app), SEO for your Facebook posts/marketplace listings and so on…

Local SEO is constantly gaining popularity.

With a growing buying power across the world, many businesses are finding a rising customer base in their local regions.

Even small businesses that operate locally are now going online to promote their stores/offerings. 

As a result, local Search Engine Optimization is growing rapidly in its popularity and usage as a tool to increase the local market penetration of all businesses. 

The key techniques you can implement for local SEO are-

  • Location-based keywords and local citations.
  • Google Maps listings.
  • Link building in local blogs.
  • Optimizing your content for the region (using translation and customization).

Optimization for Google Discover

If you have been searching for different SEO techniques to boost your rankings on Google, you must have heard about Google Discover.

Google Discover is a curated feed of content appearing on the Google homepage on mobile. This content is relevant to the user’s search behavior and online browsing. 

Hence, optimizing your content to rank in Google Discover will get people most interested in your industry to see your content in their Discover feed.

The key to rank in Google Discover is to create targeted content with relevant visuals that appeals to your audience.

If you use it right, Google Discover will raise your online visibility to your target audience manifold at no extra costs!

Improved web page performance and user experience across platforms

As more and more consumers shift to searching and shopping online to get what they need, you must reap this opportunity by providing a superior user experience on your website/landing page across devices.

This forms part of technical SEO, which is growing in importance due to the core web vitals update of Google. Here are some key guidelines you must follow to provide a seamless user experience-

  • Ensure that your site is secure with a secure sockets layer (SSL) for safe shopping.
  • Verify that your site loads quickly so users can interact with it fast.
  • Creating navigation bars or search fields that make it easy for users to find their desired products quickly.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly by integrating a responsive design into your site along with mobile optimized content.
  • Ensure that your website is easy to understand, navigate and use in general.

The intent is now the focus

People searching the web look for the answer to a specific question or problem rather than a specific product/service. Isn’t it?

So, with this in mind, Google is expanding its search to include more AI-driven and intuitive results based on semantic search (search that includes determining the context and intent of the queries).

So, a modern SEO strategy must be based on understanding what your target audience needs and providing them a solution.

You must now think of the context and give answers rather than making direct offers based on search terms. 

In simple words, you must focus on writing content for users, not search engines!

Optimization for featured snippets 

Have you heard the term snippets?

Featured snippets are selected search results that are displayed in a box at the top of Google’s organic results. 

These snippets are basically the relevant paragraphs from entire pages and aim at answering the user’s question right away. And if your content shows as a featured snippet, it is likely that your target users will see it and visit your website. 

Now, there is no sure shot method for getting featured but better SEO and content structuring is known to help.

So, you must go for on-page SEO with special focus on structuring your content into meaningful paragraphs.

Use of evergreen content

It is crucial to keep up with the latest trends while creating online content for your site.

This will ensure that your content stays relevant to new searches and hence continues to rank high and get high traffic.

However, the market is highly dynamic and updating your content every day is often impractical.

The solution to this is to create evergreen content, which is content that is sustainable over time. Why?

As evergreen content stays relevant over time, it gives you more time to optimize your content to rank high in search results. It also tends to stay at a high rank and get more traffic for a longer time

To start generating evergreen content, you must consider fundamental topics in your niche and the common questions that your audience asks. Then you must write SEO friendly content for the most sustainable topics or questions.


Now that we have covered the latest SEO trends in 2022, it’s your turn to further explore and implement them in your business to achieve the competitive advantage that your company needs…

Did we miss out on some important SEO trend? What’s the most used SEO trend according to you? Comment below & let us know your opinion..

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