The Top 15 AI Powered Marketing Tools To Boost Your Profitability

Are you finding it difficult to compete with the business giants in the digital marketing space?

The modern business world is indeed highly competitive and dynamic.

If you want to make your footprints in this highly competitive market & become successful, your marketing techniques must be exceptionally effective & cost efficient.

But how to implement such techniques that can make your business stand out from your competitors?

This is where AI marketing tools make all the difference by greatly automating and optimizing your digital marketing campaign. Such tools are leveling the playing field for marketers by making the content and strategy more important than the money or manpower you can spend.

So, here are the top 15 AI marketing tools that you must explore now to boost your marketing ROI-


PursueApp is cold emailing automation SAAS that provides advanced AI features at low costs. With the help of an in-built email verification & cleaning system, this software automatically contacts verified leads and turns them into customers; bringing you high returns on your investment.

Some of its main features include advanced scheduling, customized mail sequences, automatic mail personalization, content spinning, lead verification and much more!

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VidScribe AI

VidScribe AI is an advanced video translation software that subtitles, transcribes and translates your video content within minutes. As the name suggests, it applies AI and machine learning algorithms to transcript, subtitle or redub any video with high accuracy.

In fact, it uses the same technology as Amazon’s Alexa to generate the most natural sounding speech in any major language.

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This is a competitor analysis tool that helps you find new opportunities in the market by using AI algorithms to analyze and interpret your competitors’ data. It is the perfect tool to find, understand and follow the strategy of your successful competitors.

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Netbase is a market intelligence tool that applies artificial intelligence to help you understand the latest business trends. This advanced software delivers contextual insights about the market and consumer behavior so that you can design and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

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This is another AI powered marketing tool that helps you to optimize and improve your keyword research and content creation process. It also applies algorithms to analyze the market and provides suggestions to help you target the right customers with the right content.

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This is a powerful analytics tool that can help you to generate marketing campaigns quickly by deeply analyzing the data about your company and market.

Albert helps you identify the right customers for your campaigns and also breaks down large data sets into groups. This helps you leverage all your accounts and platforms easily and create the maximum impact on your target audience.

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This is a handy proofreading and editing tool that applies AI algorithms to analyze your writing and provide suggestions on how to improve/correct your grammar, punctuations, contextual errors, and structural mistakes.

By applying its intelligent algorithms within seconds and providing accurate suggestions, Grammarly ensures that your content is lucid, easy to read and free of errors.

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Yext is a specialized sentiment analysis tool that helps your brand stay on top of all the reviews and online recommendations about you. It uses AI to process reviews left on Google, Facebook, Yelp etc. and then delivers insights into what is being said about your brand.

Naturally, Yext is of great help for digital marketers as doing this manually would be extremely time taking.

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AddResponse is another sentiment analysis and comment moderation tool that helps you to manage comments made on your posts. It also analyzes what is being said about you on Facebook and Instagram to help you get a feel of your market.

This convenient SAAS helps you to remove negative comments easily to maximize the impact of your posts while quickly boosting your understanding of the target market and engagement with customers.

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This AI powered marketing tool helps you to improve the quality of your content by analyzing all your previously published content and aligning it to your brand’s standards. Moreover, it finds areas of improvement in your content with intelligent proofreading tools. In this way, it ensures that the content is well structured, easy to understand and error free.

Acrolinx is certainly a handy tool for content writers and marketers to ensure that their content meets high standards of quality & accuracy. 

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HubSpot SEO

HubSpot SEO is an increasingly popular AI marketing tool for content teams and marketers. It uses machine learning to determine how search engines will understand and categorize your content. It then interprets the results to help you improve your search engine rankings strategically and outrank your competitors.

HubSpot SEO is indeed a great tool to discover and rank for the topics that matter the most to your business and customers.

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MarketMuse uses an AI-driven assistant to help marketers build the best content strategies. This tool shows you which keywords you should target and also finds opportunities for new content that will improve your rankings the most.

What’s more?

MarketMuse leverages its advanced AI to compare your content to thousands of relevant articles. Through this process, it finds what is missing from your site and makes intelligent suggestions accordingly.

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ChatFuel helps you to automate Facebook Messenger conversations by applying an intelligent bot. It’s an innovative, hands-off way to send prospects from your advertisements to a conversation with a bot that answers their questions and leads them to the purchase. 

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Personalize is a unique AI marketing tool that identifies the products and services that your contacts are most interested in. This tool uses an algorithm to identify each contact’s top three interests. And these are then updated in real-time based on their recent site activity.

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Persado is aimed at helping social media marketers engage with followers by creating authentic relationships.

This marketing language tool uses AI and machine learning to produce natural language with a human touch. Such content resonates with the target audience, group, or individual and maximizes the impact of the message.

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Now it is your turn to check out these AI tools and boost your digital marketing campaign with the unparalleled power of Artificial Intelligence.

And don’t hesitate to comment your opinions or suggestions in the comments section below… Also, let us know what’s your favorite AI powered tool?

All the best!

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