WP InstaEditor

WP InstaEditor

Get distraction free, reload-less and instantaneous text editing.

With InstaEditor you can directly edit the text content of your WordPress powered website on the frontend itself! This highly useful plugin allows you to carry out quick editing on desktops and mobile devices too with the help of a hover toolbar, without having to go to backend. It allows you to edit text directly on the frontend.

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It allows you to edit text directly on the frontend which means users can directly interact.



Without getting distracted you can add content information without relaoding it.


Also it comes with the feature of enabling access only to the admin who's logged in at that time.


It allows you to edit minus any multiple, complex steps. Inline editing is a breeze with this plugin.


One Site

WP Insta Editor - One Site

Unlimited Sites

WP Insta Editor - Unlimited Sites