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How to collect user data & input through forms?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Gathering user data is the most important element of every sales funnel builder as this helps you to gather more leads. One of the most important functions of CloudFunnels is gathering the customer’s data from opt-in pages.

In order to sort this data into relevant information, CloudFunnels uses a system called inputs.

Input elements are required to be able to collect data from your visitors to your funnels. In order to work, an email address input field must be added to collect the data, and the page must have a button set to "submit" to submit the information entered.

All of it happens within the CloudFunnels platform itself. The Funnels & sites tab is situated just at the left-hand side of your CloudFunnels homepage. Choose your desired funnel & click on the edit funnel button to gather user data.

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