8 Best Ways To Improve your Landing Page Conversion Rate Effectively

Getting more traffic on websites is great but are those visitors converting into leads?

That’s the main question when it comes to building effective landing pages!

Conversion rate optimization is one of the biggest problems website owners face. Everyone wants their visitors to convert into leads or sales but achieving that goal is a lot more difficult than it looks.

Usually, the average conversion rate across all industries is just 9.7%. But using the right strategies and test types can help to increase your conversion rate up to 300%.

Wondering what can be those incredible strategies that can increase your conversion rate?

This blog will help you with the 8 mind-blowing ways to increase the landing page conversion rate.

How to calculate the landing page conversion rate?

A Landing Page Conversion rate is usually calculated by dividing the total number of conversions by the number of visitors on your landing page. Then just multiply that answer with 100 to get the Landing page conversion rate.

Conversion rate= (Total no. of conversions / Total no. of click or visitors) x 100

A Landing Page is created for advertising or for campaigns so that the visitors can turn into real customers or leads.

Marketers are creating landing pages for conversion and it will be possible when you have covered everything on that page.

Calculate the conversion rate of your landing page and if it’s less than 10%, this blog is for you!

What’s a good Landing Page Conversion Rate?

It’s difficult to point out a number and consider it as a good landing page conversion rate because every industry has a different Landing Page conversion rate.

Before coming to any conclusion, we should know that the conversion rate varies from industry to industry.

However, you can consider 10% as a good landing page conversion rate.

If your landing page is having a conversion rate of less than 10%, it’s time to take up some major steps.

Here are some tips to help you improve your landing conversion rate faster.

How to Improve your Landing Page Conversion Rate?

1. Improve Page Load Speed

Is your page taking a lot of time to load?

Well, that’s a very important reason why you have a poor landing page conversion rate.

No one has the time to wait for your page until it loads. When visitors come to your website and find out that it’s taking time to load, they prefer switching to another website.

This way you might lose a number of visitors who might have converted into customers.

Even just 1 second late page loading has a 7% reduction in conversions.

The best option to improve the landing page conversion rate is to reduce the page weight by compressing the images and using the Nextgen image file format.

The average loading speed of a Landing page is about 2 seconds. If it is taking more than that, then there will be a huge reduction in the landing page conversion rate.

So, you need to work on optimizing your landing page to reduce the loading speed of the page.

2. Optimize your Landing Page for Mobile

As we know today billions of people are using smartphones to shop or surf the internet.

So if you’re aiming for a high conversion rate, it is necessary to work on optimizing the Landing Page for mobile or else, it will be a huge loss.

The content displayed on the PC will be quite different and may not render correctly on mobile. Microcopy is perfect for desktop but not a good option for mobile.

Work with your UX designers to appease those who browse the web on their smartphones.

You need to check that the page is loading on the smartphones quickly and scrolling should be smooth for the users. Only then you’ll be able to get the customers who use mobile phones to browse.

3. Introduce Live Chat on your Landing Page

Introducing live chats on your landing pages is a great way to build a good & strong bond with your customers.

The Live Chat option makes sure that any question that users have in their minds will be quickly answered.

It is said that queries solved at the time of purchase have a huge impact on sales because the customers get their answers at the most crucial time. There will be a positive impact on the customers and they will get satisfied with your customer service.

In short, responsiveness matters.

Giving quick answers to their queries will help to impress customers with your response. Transparency and immediate response are the must things that are required on the Landing page.

Your website will have more impact with the Live Chat option if we compare it with a website having No Live Chat option.

It will be a game-changing feature but make sure your customer support behavior is good with the customers asking their queries.

4. Use the right images and make it visually interesting

Content is of course important but using the right images will help bring out the necessary emotions to make the users take action.

The selection of the right images is also necessary if you want to improve the Landing Page conversion rate.

It is quite important to check the images used on the whole page. The images must be relevant to the content to make the messages stand out.

Also, make sure that the images are not large enough because that might take up a lot of time to load which is another disappointment for the visitors.

The best image linked with the right content is all that’s needed for successful landing page conversions.

5. Run A/B Testing Regularly

Testing is always necessary to improve the landing page conversion rate.

You need to remember that if you are using the right tool with other resources, you will be able to boost your conversion rate up to 300%.

It is always tough to know which elements are performing well and in that situation, A/B testing is quite necessary.

A/B testing is a technique that will help you to test various landing page layouts and content so that you can know what is working best for your targeted audience.

The best way to perform A/B testing is by using an effective landing page builder. CloudFunnels helps to find the best landing page & lead page with A/B testing. It easily compares the performance of the two pages and decides which one can get you more conversions.

6. Craft a compelling Call to Action

A call to action is the most important feature on your Landing Page.

A Call to Action button tells the users what to do next and making it as attractive as possible will help to convert your visitors into customers.

Once your visitors are on your landing page, they need directions of where to go next. At that time, it is your landing page that will show them the next step.

This can be done easily with a clear CTA button.

From various researches, it was found that having a single Call to Action always has more chances to get converted. Adding more CTA buttons might be a distraction for the visitors.

The Call to Action button should have a good color and it shouldn’t be very small or very large. It should have the right size with a proper layout.

Don’t just leave a Call to Action button on your website. Add a highly appealing message with it so that users will be forced to take action.

7. Add Testimonials and Reviews

Word of mouth is what matters the most when it comes to marketing.

But how to express the power of word of mouth on landing pages?

There are testimonials, reviews and endorsements as social proof that can have a huge impact on the visitor’s mind.

Many companies put up reviews on their landing pages like:

“Wonderful”- Ashley B
“Great product”- Ronny L.

Who are these Ashley and Ronny? Such short reviews look fake!

Your reviews or testimonials should tell people how your customers have benefited from your product or service. Ask for your customers’ LinkedIn pictures and put it up on your landing page to make it look more real & genuine.

Only then people will believe in your business and your conversion rate may improve.

Adding Testimonials on the Landing Page will add some relevance by specifying the pain points customers are facing.

According to various researches, it was found that the visitors who read testimonials and reviews have a 58% chance of getting converted.

So don’t forget to add Testimonials and Reviews to your Landing Page for better results.

8. Remove Distractions

Have you ever heard the term ‘analysis paralysis’?

It’s a concept that hampers the ability of a person to make a proper decision due to too many choices.

Visitors on your website may experience this too if there is a confusing design or there are too many places to look. This can be a major reason why your visitors are not converting.

If you want a good conversion rate then don’t add any irrelevant things that can make people confused on your landing page.

Try to keep it simple and straight to the point so that people don’t keep on roaming around on your page without knowing what to do.

Your goal should be very clear but there should not be any clutter and the visitors should know what you want them to do.

Try to add all the information that can be easily digestible so that the visitors can make their quick decision.


Now you’re well aware of the 8 incredible tips to improve your landing page conversion rate.

But in case all these tricks fail for you, don’t worry! We always have a backup plan.

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Did we miss out on any landing page conversion tip? Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this blog.

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