9 Tips to make your Facebook posts go viral

Posted August 19, 2021
By Cyril Maithily Gupta

Going viral is something that every social media marketer desires for.

No one really knows the exact reason why a post on Facebook or on any other social media platform goes viral. There is no magical formula to viral marketing.

But some posts are more likely to get viral because they contain certain features and elements that make them stand out from the competition.

A good Facebook post should be able to attract new customers, increase engagement, and provide clear information about the products you are offering.

You must be wondering how to create a good Facebook post that can produce more likes, comments, and shares.

Here are 6 simple tips that can make your Facebook posts go viral.

Target topics that are trending

Just like originality is important in your content, choosing a trending topic is also essential to reach more audiences.

Search thoroughly on the internet and you will find lots of trending topics. Start with a topic that can develop an interest in your readers.

To make your content viral, you need to make sure that you have selected a trending topic. After that, you need to learn how to twist that topic and make your own content out of it.

Write catchy headlines

Headlines are the first thing that a reader notices in a content. So, you need to be creative enough to make a catchy headline.

Headlines attract viewers. It is the most important part of your Facebook post that can make or break your views. Something catchy or attractive in the headline of your post is good for creating viral content.

While creating a good headline, prefer using numbers to give solid takeaways, and using what, why, when, or how in your headline can develop interest in your readers.

If you fail to create a good headline for your content, people will not get interested to read your post any further. This will decrease your click-through rate. Therefore, you must always consider headlines or titles as a first impression and remember, the first impression is the last impression.

Make your content brief and appealing

Writing long paragraphs is simply a waste of time. Instead, you can focus on writing short and useful content.

You can also create your content with a touch of humor as a way to engage your audiences or add an interesting quotation about something which is related to your content.

Write your content in a way that can communicate with your readers. Create a catchy title for your post to attract the attention of your readers and prefer using active voices to make the posts more lively.

Long and boring texts are simply overlooked on Facebook and so, to attract more likes and comments, you need to be creative.

Insert an image into your post

You must have heard this phrase - “A picture is worth a thousand words�. Sometimes a single picture can make a complex idea look easy. This is why pictures get more attention as compared to words.

Brighten up your Facebook posts with a colorful and effective image which will help to sell the product or service you are offering faster. You can also include a brief description or a simple caption of the picture.

Make sure the image you are using is large enough to attract the attention of your readers.

Nowadays, memes are also commonly used as a part of content marketing as it goes viral very fast. If you want to create memes for your niche and grow your social media accounts by engaging more viewers, you can opt for Mighty Memes.

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Use hashtags on your posts

Hashtags play an important role in promoting content on social media. When you click on a hashtag, you will find several contents which use that particular hashtag.

You must always use a hashtag that is commonly used in your niche as it can improve the visibility of your Facebook post. Sometimes you can also use hashtags that are specific to a particular sale or promotion that you want to increase the awareness of.

Using hashtags effectively can increase the number of people reading your Facebook post as it may show up in their search results when they are searching for that particular phrase or keyword.

Collaborate with Creators in your niche

If you do not have a huge follower count, it’s hard to go viral on your own or without a lot of luck. In this case, you need to find creators who are posting content similar to your niche and figure out a way to get them to share your posts on their Facebook page.

They will not share your content for free unless they are very generous. So, you need to take the first step. Be generous to them by offering to help them and share new ideas.

Once you are able to connect with similar creators who are having a bigger followers count as compared to yours, you’ll notice that your content is spreading much faster and reaching a lot more audiences.

Ask questions to increase engagement

Engaging your audience with normal texts or paragraphs is really difficult. So, why not try to include questions?

Asking questions to other Facebook users is an excellent way to get people talking about the products and services you are offering.

For example, if you are promoting gym services, you can add questions like “What type of music do you prefer while working out?�. Such questions can provoke a healthy debate and you can get more likes and shares on your post.

Add a Call-to-action option

A call-to-action button motivates people to take action that is important for your business.

Call-to-action is a great way to enhance conversation with your readers. After reading the whole content, when the reader notices the call-to-action button, they are more likely to do as said if they like the content.

Adding a call to action like “Share if you agree� or “Tag your friends now� might sound silly but these work very often. Try to be as unique as possible.

For example, if you promote a particular dress in your content and want people to buy that dress, you can add the “Shop Now� button which will encourage your readers to buy the dress immediately after they read your content.

Upload your posts depending on the time

Timing is an essential part of your content. According to various studies, it is better to post your content early in the morning rather than late because that is when the traffic starts to go down.

11 am to 12 pm is considered the best time to post your content on Facebook. But this timing does not work out for everyone. If it does not work out for you as well, you can visit Facebook Creator Studio and look for the insights.

The insights will help you to determine the time when your posts are getting more likes and shares. Be consistent and keep posting your content following the insights to make your posts go viral.


Now you know the 6 tips to make your Facebook posts go viral. So, next time you upload a post on Facebook, make sure you have used all the above-mentioned tips.

Remember, making a viral post is not that difficult but keeping loyal followers without any gripping content is.


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