8 Reasons Why Your Emails Land In The Spam Folder & How To Avoid It

Posted March 22, 2022
By Cyril Maithily Gupta

Why are my emails going into the spam folder of my customers?

If you’ve ever sent an email and it landed in the spam folder of your customer, you might have felt like yelling from the computer screen over & over again until your customers open your email.

That’s really frustrating!!

This way most of your important emails remain unopened because, let’s be honest, no one really likes to open their spam folder to read emails.

Wondering why they are landing up in the spam folders? How to avoid that?

You’ll get the answers to all your questions in this blog!

In this blog, we’ve mentioned the 8 most common reasons why your emails land in the spam folder and some incredible tips to avoid them getting into your spam folder.

Go through the blog and you’ll also find the best tool that can help you to avoid spammy words in your emails & help you to increase your inboxing rate.

8 Reasons Why Your Emails Are Going Into The Spam

Bulk emailing

Sending bulk emails is a risky factor and hence, it is considered as one of the top reasons why your emails land in the spam folder. Sending bulk emails means that there will be no unique content. Thus, your emails are at a risk.

Using spammy words

Using spam words such as “Freeâ€�, “Cashbackâ€�, “Do it nowâ€�, “Don’t delete this emailâ€�, etc. in your emails is another reason why your email lands in the spam folder. Such words are marked as spam automatically! Sometimes your recipient may also mark such emails as spam manually as these are direct promotional emails and no one likes to be sold. 

Bad IP address reputation

Your IP address gets shared whenever you send an email and sharing an IP address has many disadvantages. If your IP address has a negative reputation from previous senders, there is a high chance your emails may get into the spam folder. Thus, it is important to maintain a good reputation for your IP address. 

Wrong email list

The audience you are targeting plays a major role in email marketing. If you send your emails to people who are not even interested in your product or service, they may mark you as spam and this will make a bad reputation of your emails. So, make sure you’re having the right audience on your email list.

Low domain reputation

Just like IP address reputation, domain reputation also plays an important role in email deliverability. When you have a high domain reputation, you’ll receive good deliverability. Inconsistent increase in the volume of emails can be another primary reason for your emails landing in the spam folder.

Inappropriate Subject line

Your subject line is the first and the foremost thing that determines your email message. Thus, misleading subject lines such as: “Did I leave my jacket at your place?â€�, “Urgent – Update your informationâ€�, etc. are also the reason why emails land in the spam folder. 

Email authentication failure

If you have been passing the DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) but suddenly start failing due to some configuration issue, there is a high chance that your emails may go straight into the spam folder of your recipient. Therefore, you must keep an eye on all authentication protocols.

Proportion of active & inactive users

You need to keep an eye on the active and inactive users in your email list. If your inactive users start outweighing the active users then your emails may start getting into the spam folders or your recipients.

8 Tips To Improve Deliverability & Inboxing Rate

Now you know the reasons why your emails are landing up in the spam folder. But how to avoid that from happening again?

Here are the 8 tips that can help you to avoid your emails getting into the spam folder & increase your deliverability.

Write unique emails

Don't be too fancy, but try to use some creative words. Consequently, it won't be considered spam because it won't appear as a mass email. Also, try personalizing your emails.

Perform proper email authentication

Your email should be verified as a genuine sender. You can use DMARC, SPF, and DKIM for authenticating your emails and to make sure that there is no email tampering during transmission.

Emails should be GDPR & PECR compliant

It is an additional benefit if your emails are GDPR and PECR compliant as you can reach more audiences where such rules are implemented.

Remove the spam words

It’s very important to avoid using spam words such as “Cashback�, “Free�, etc. in your emails. Do a proper spam check before sending your emails.

Use proper subject line

Subject lines play an important role in email marketing because that’s the first thing that your recipients see when they receive an email. You should know the importance of subject lines and implement the strategies to write them properly. 

Use verified email address

When sending emails, always use verified email addresses. Make sure you properly verify every email in your email list and erase the ones which are not valid. Also, ensure that your emails are mostly received by active users.

Add less attachments

Don’t overuse attachments in your emails. You may use 1-2 but overuse can make your emails land straight into the spam folder. Thus, avoid making such mistakes.

Proofread your emails

Before sending your email, make sure you proofread it. It will help you to avoid mistakes and this will prevent your emails from going into the spam folder. 

Best Email Marketing Software

Looking for the best email marketing software that will have all the essential features to avoid your emails from landing into the spam folder?

Well, there are many tools available in the market!

But if you’re looking for an affordable & feature-rich email marketing software, here it is.


Mail Engine is one of the best and the most reliable autoresponder framework that is planned with an emphasis on inboxing and conveyance starting from the earliest stage.

Here are some of the best features of Mail Engine that makes it the best among all:


  • Using its API Integration, you can send your marketing emails using Gmail or G Suite.
  • Self-hosted and runs within WordPress, which means you are in control and can't be banned.
  • Offers powerful list marketing features such as sequencing, scheduling, opening & unopened emails, and list management.
  • Inbuilt content spinner ensures that every mail you send out is unique, so you won't have to worry about spam filters catching it.
  • Has an inbuilt spam filter to detect any spam words used in the emails.
  • It is fully compatible with PECR and GDPR.

For more information on Mail Engine, visit- https://mailengine.in/ 


Now you know why your emails are landing in the spam folder of your customers and with the help of those tips you can easily avoid this from happening again. Isn’t it?

In case none of the above mentioned tips worked for you, opt for Mail Engine. It’s one of the best email marketing tools which you can get at a yearly subscription of only $67. 

Are we missing out on some important tips? Share your thoughts in the comment below!


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