The 10 Best Tips To Generate More High Quality Leads From Your Webinars

Posted March 16, 2022
By Cyril Maithily Gupta

Unable to generate more leads from your webinars?

Well, if you have ever attended a sales webinar, you know how boring they can be at times!

While hosting a webinar as a marketer, your primary objective must be to deliver a highly engaging presentation to keep your audience engaged and generate new leads.

You may have many non-customer contacts in your CRM but those are not considered as leads until they start to interact with your brand.

Conducting successful webinars is an amazing strategy to turn those contacts into active leads. But how to make your webinars successful?

In this blog, you’ll learn about some strategic ways to run a successful webinar that can get you active leads.

But before we jump into those amazing tips & tricks, let us know the benefits that a marketing webinar provides when applied correctly..

The Advantages Of Webinars For Marketing & Lead Generation

Webinars are growing in popularity as a modern means of generating awareness and interest about brands and their products/services. 

They act as a perfect entry point into your sales funnel and offer you a golden opportunity to generate high quality leads.

But what makes them so effective?

  • You get to interact with your prospective customers directly and provide live presentations and demonstrations. And it’s all at a fraction of the costs of arranging a physical seminar!
  • You can easily create customized templates, animations and videos and present it to each attendee by using the right tools.
  • Webinars also create an impression of better authority and quality, leading to a better brand image.
  • You can also use webinar tools for implementing engaging features with a low cost and time requirement. These include polls, surveys, Q&A sessions and much more!
  • You can present on any device and provide convenient sign-up forms and call-to-action links to your viewers. This helps you convert them into your customers easily.
  • It is a rich source of content as entire webinars or any content within them can be recorded and replayed as per schedule or on-demand.
  • You can achieve a higher market reach, attendance and engagement. This is because your audience can join from the place of their convenience at little or no cost.
  • You can easily promote webinars online and even retarget your attendees by using the right tools.
  • You may stream this webinar content live or uploaded on various platforms. Here, it will also create a SEO and promotion opportunity.

How To Generate Leads From Your Webinars- 10 Tips

With all these advantages, webinars offer a goldmine of leads for your business when used correctly.

So, here are some tips to help you host high-converting webinars and generate targeted leads from them-

1. Identify the audience you want to reach

Do you know your audience well enough?

As with any other marketing initiative, marketing webinars must also start with a clear understanding of your target audience. 

For this purpose you must collect relevant data about your audience using surveys, online research and registration forms. 

This data will help you understand how your content should be designed and presented in your webinar to generate the best impact.

2. Choose a proper topic that appeals to a wider audience

Deciding the right topic is critical to the success of your webinar. But it involves numerous factors that you must consider simultaneously. 

This makes it important to carry out extensive internal and environmental research to answer these questions:

  • What are the most common questions that our prospects ask?
  • Who exactly are our target audience?
  • What is our objective?
  • Which area could we deliver the most value in the available time?
  • What are our available resources?
  • What are we most knowledgeable in?

Use the answers to these and brainstorm with your marketing team to come up with an attractive and descriptive title.

3. Choose the best webinar format

You must now integrate the results of all previous stages and present it to the subject matter experts in order to specify the format and schedule of your marketing webinar.

Some components that you should consider while planning the format are-

  • Case studies

Nothing is more convincing than a real life example! Wherever applicable, you should go for success stories of your business or positive experiences of your customers and clients to make your webinar more credible and relatable.

  • Expert panel discussions and collaborations

Collaborating with popular industry experts or major non-competing brands can work wonders in boosting the attendance and impression of your webinar. After all, you are bound to enjoy higher attention and credibility when renowned figures vouch for you!

  • Tutorials and product demos

This format is perfect if your product or service requires some explanation. Live demos can go a long way in convincing your prospective customers about the abilities of your product/service rather than verbal/written promises.

4. Define your value proposition with key benefits and social proof

When deciding which webinar to attend, customers have one main thing in mind: the quality of the content they will be consuming.

So, you must ensure that the target audience can verify your expertise and understand what benefits the webinar will offer them.

In this regard, you may use social proof such as testimonials and comments to make sure your webinar’s page really sells. Also present a biography of all the speakers to build rapport with the audience.

Moreover, you must specify the purpose of the webinar and how it will help the attendees before proceeding. You can then use this as a value proposition in all your promotional messages along with social proof to attract attendees.

5. Maximize your reach using promotional tactics

A webinar is never complete without its attendees!

In fact, the attendance of your target audience is crucial for the success of your webinar. And this is where promoting the webinar becomes vital! 

Your promotional campaign must start well before your webinar. And the objective must be to make people aware and interested in your marketing webinar. 

So, you must share compelling promotional content through multiple means including Facebook, Twitter, Google ads, SMS or emails and also send reminders to those who show interest. 

Also remember to deliver your value proposition in your ads and include the key details to help interested people join your webinar easily. 

The next point discusses the promotion process in further detail.

6. Build a sales funnel for your webinar

To begin, you must create a specific sales funnel to this channel to get as many leads as possible. This includes event reminders, replays, and follow-ups.

Firstly, go for email marketing to deliver a series of promotional content (based on the value proposition) to prospective customers. Also build a thank-you page or an email for customers who have registered for your webinar. 

Next, you must define a clear CTA in your webinar material and use surveys, quizzes or other interaction methods to get to know your audience better. 

And it’s not over yet! Following the webinar, you must go for webinar retargeting by keeping in touch with your leads by sending personalized promotional content.

Moreover, it is recommended to go for the best webinar marketing tools to make this entire step more simple and lucrative.

7. Apply SEO to gain traction

To make sure that your webinar page reaches its target audience, you must put your SEO skills in action.

Start with keyword research and combine it with the results of your preceding research to write SEO-friendly content.This must be followed by a compelling title and meta description to attract your audience.

Also remember to add an exciting video to explain the following-

  • What your webinar is about.
  • What topics will be covered.
  • How the interaction with the audience will be conducted.

This landing page content must be designed perfectly as it will help you rank better on Google and other search engines, hence allowing your content to be delivered to the right audience.

8. Design and conduct an outstanding webinar

Your webinar must be designed to address the desires or problems faced by your attendees with high-quality content that they can easily understand and relate to.

Moreover, you must take care of the following points to successfully conduct the marketing webinar-

  • Go for the latest presentation and interaction technologies to engage and involve your audience. This may include slides, animations, gamification, polls, question and answer sessions etc. 
  • Remember to record your webinar so you can play it again on demand or use its content for other marketing purposes and SEO.                  
  • Implement a structured format and timeline in your webinar and make proper arrangements so that there are no technical difficulties. 
  • Provide forms, lead generation pages and call to actions at the right points to get more leads.
  • You may also conduct some giveaways of useful documents at the end and also ask attendees for feedback for future improvements. 

The key is to create a unique and captivating experience for your attendees. And using the best webinar tools at this point can again be of great help to ensure the best results.

9. Make sure your webinar is accessible on-demand

While effective promotion may get many people interested in your webinar, not all will be able to attend it live. Moreover, most webinar viewers look for experiences that they can enjoy on-demand.

As a result, you must pick a webinar marketing and hosting tool that allows for replays to reach a bigger audience and maximize your leads.

10. Follow up and retarget your attendees

While your webinar is still fresh in their minds, you must send out your first email follow-up to your webinar attendees. 

In fact, it is recommended to share the webinar recording and presentation slides to all those who registered for the webinar. This includes those who could not attend it. 

You may also include a link to a follow-up blog post that summarizes the webinar content and answers the top attendee questions. 

Following this, you should create and implement a webinar retargeting campaign. This includes sending emails and displaying Facebook ads or Google ads to your past attendees, encouraging them to take further action and ultimately buy your product/service.

Bonus Tip!!

If all the above mentioned tips & strategies fail, here is another bonus tip for you which can make your webinars successful.

Try Using A Webinar Tool- Webinarloop

There are many great webinar platforms available in the market, but the best one to opt for is Webinarloop because it’s not only affordable but also feature-rich.

Webinarloop is one of the most powerful webinar marketing platforms that provides you with everything you need to run high-performance webinars. With this tool, you can run your webinars on complete autopilot.

Hosting a webinar is quite challenging and so Webinarloop brings a golden opportunity for marketers to schedule their live webinars.

With Webinarloop, you can run live, on-demand, scheduled and webinar replays with hands-free automation and breakthrough sales-getting features at only $67/year.


It’s time to go ahead and apply these guidelines with the best webinar tools to reap all the advantages offered by webinars. Also, you have a bonus tip in case all the above mentioned tips fail!

Did we miss out on some important tip? Let us know by commenting your ideas below!


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