The Ultimate Guide To Writing Great Email Content

Posted July 18, 2022
By Cyril Maithily Gupta

Are you someone who is hustling hard to create great email content but don’t know how to do it? 

Well, then you have landed on the right blog as here we will be throwing light on how to write a compelling email to increase the CTR.

Let’s begin with the basics first!

You must know that an email is a blank canvas that has the potential and possibility to either change the game or ruin it.

If you want to write great email content, then you need to focus on understanding human behavior. You must have the urge to try new things until you find the formula that works for you the best. 

Keep in mind that even a small mistake in writing an email content can cause your target audience to unsubscribe from your mailing list. 

The users can also blacklist your email address which can affect your business. 

Learning more about writing business emails will undoubtedly put you ahead of your competitors. 

So, let’s look at how you can write great email content that can help your business grow:

1. Know your target audience

You must know that you cannot speak to your customers the same way you speak to your friends. Similarly, you should treat the emails in the same way, you should write your content according to your audience. 

Before writing your email content, you must know more about your target audience. You must know where your target audience likes to spend time online. 

To do the same, you can interact with your users on social media and conduct surveys to know more about them.

To write relevant email content, you should keep a check on your competitors too, you should know who is paying attention to them.

2. Write content that can be understood even by a layman

You must not waste your audience’s time. It is extremely crucial to use clear language to get your point across. You can also use some trigger words to grab your audience’s attention.

Let's examine an example to better understand. Below are two sentences, one of them is clear and actionable.

Eg 1: You can change your life with these easy-to-follow tips and tricks.

Eg 2: You might want to change your life and for this, you can follow the tricks that are given below.

So, which one you found is much easier for readers to consume?

Of course the first one is shorter and easier to digest for the reader. Isn’t it?

You should write your email content according to your brand tone. Always remember to respect your audience’s time by leaning on an economy of words.

3. Align the subject line with body content

Always remember that your subject line is your email’s first sight. It tells the users what they can expect to find inside the email. 

If your target market reads the email and feels that the subject line wasn’t relevant, they probably won’t open an email from you again. 

This is the only reason why your subject line and body copy must stay in alignment. 

You should focus on writing subject lines that are eye-catching as well as relevant. It is always better to punch up the subject lines to attract attention.

While writing the body text, try not to veer off irrelevant content that confuses the readers.

4. Always personalize your emails

The emails that use personalization tokens, prove to become the greatest tool in email marketing. 

Personalization basically means using a phrase or word that feels that it has been designed specifically for the user. 

Writing ‘Dear Chhavi’ will always be preferred over writing ‘Dear user’.

The personalized phrases create a sense of intimacy and trust among the readers. The readers feel that you have done a detailed research on his/her choices before sending an email.

You can include the recipient’s name or his/her business’s name to add a personalized touch.

5. Do not deviate from the main topic (Relevancy is the key)

I understand that you love your products and might feel tempted to go on and on in your emails about the product.

But at some point it is extremely important to resist that urge.

You must focus on establishing the email’s relevancy right from the beginning. Try to convey your message from the subject line and the first line of the email body content.

Your content should catch the reader's attention from the first line. 

6. Give rewards to your prospects

Who does not like freebies or rewards?

Everyone does!!

Each email sent by you should offer something of value, be it information, knowledge, a discount coupon, or even a small freebie.

You can choose your rewards based on the content that you are going to write.

If you provide something useful in your first email, your audience will expect some useful information in all your emails and hence may end up opening all your emails.

7. Users are more interested in the benefits than the features

A lot of writers get confused between the benefits and features of a product. 

You should know that the readers are looking for how your product or business can bring a positive change to their lives.

Here's an example that will help you understand:

Sentence 1: Here’s a video filled with tips and tricks to lose weight.

Sentence 2: Gain access to a useful video that will teach you how to shed pounds step by step.

Do you see the difference? 

In sentence 1, we are just communicating what the customer is getting. However, in sentence 2, we are telling the customer how he/she will benefit from the feature.

8. Add a compelling call-to-action

Make sure that you include CTA (call-to-action) in your emails. The CTA explains to the customer what their next step is supposed to be. 

Your CTA can be a promotion that turns the recipients to become your customers.

You can offer a discount coupon or request them to follow you on social media.

You can make your CTA time sensitive as it will create a sense of urgency.

Adding a compelling CTA will force the customer to take a step.

9. Insert multiple hyper-links

There are other ways for your customers to get in touch with you. It’s better to scatter several links throughout your email content.

You can add links to your blogs, videos, social media accounts, and other website pages. This will steer your prospects down the sales funnel.

The links inform your prospects where they can go to find valuable information about your business. Just make sure you insert the correct links if you link them to something that’s irrelevant, they might feel deceived.

10. Encourage subscribers to spread the word

Your ultimate goal should be to expand your reach. In your mails, let your subscribers know that they must share your content with the people they know. 

You can request them to share your emails with their friends and family members who might find your content interesting. I understand that they might share and they might not, but it’s never bad to ask.

You can include social share buttons in the emails too.


Writing an email is a process, and the more you practice it, the better you get at it.

By implementing these above-mentioned tips, you will be able to grow your business and engage more audiences with your emails.

Also, if you have any thoughts to share on this blog, or would like to add something more, make sure to comment below:

Thanks for reading!


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