How To Build Backlinks For Free

Posted August 19, 2022
By Cyril Maithily Gupta

Backlinks play a major role when it comes to ranking on Google.

Backlinks are the key to ranking high on Google. SEO has a massive correlation with ranking and traffic from Google. It is a link to an external website linking to your website. 

It is essential to have backlinks in case you want to be on top of the Google search engine page, grow your website and its business and make it popular and heard by people worldwide.

Example of backlink: If some other website wants to explain “backlinks� without mentioning it on their page in detail. They might mention this article’s link on their page. It will mean that we have a backlink from them.

Most marketers avoid the backlinking part because it’s very difficult to get good backlinks. If you add poor backlinks to your website, Google may de-rank your website from the search results.

Now, you must be wondering how can you create high-quality backlinks for your website. Well, in this blog, we’ll discuss certain ways in which you can get good backlinks for your website.

Is backlinking necessary to improve SEO?

build backlinks

Before you get into building up backlinks, it is crucial to learn about how it affects SEO and the importance of creating backlinks.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gets your website to a high rank if you follow the correct structure and get SEO to the highest ranking possible. Hence, the backlink is necessary to improve SEO.

 There are different types of backlinks that you can create to make your site rank on Google. A backlink certifies how valuable and worthy your site is, as many other websites linked to it contain more beneficial information. Thus, it makes your ranking improve in the Google search engine.

 How to create backlinks in SEO?

 Here are some of the backlink strategies you can use to create a backlink to a website.

1) Participate in different forums

If you’re looking for a backlink, discussion forums are a great place to get one. There are different forums and by participating in those forums you can become an industry expert and help drive traffic to your website.

Wondering which forums should you participate in?

Do a quick Google search and use any of the following variations.

  • Forums + (your_niche)
  • (your_niche) + Forums
  • (your_niche) + discussions

Another way to find which forums to participate in, you can spy on your competitors. You can use various SEO tools to see which forums your competitors use to get backlinks and you can use the same.

2) Submit a guest blog 

A guest blog is written for the trusted website you want a backlink from. You can offer them guest content and link it to your website for their views which can lead to a connection between them, and you can reach out for the backlink talk. 

Ensure your content is proper, exquisite, and to the point, so they feel obliged to give you a backlink. You can use Postifluence for finding the top sites that accept guest posts and publish your content there as a guest author to get backlinks for your website.

3) Write testimonials

Do you know that by writing testimonials you can get backlinks for your website?

Yes! That’s right!

Many businesses show their reviews on their homepage as social proof. So, if you’re a regular user of a tool or a service, you can write a testimonial in exchange for a backlink.

sellitpics testimonials

All you need to do is find companies that are relevant to your niche and write a wonderful testimonial for them.

Make sure you look for websites that are having higher domain authority (DA).

4) Rewrite old content 

Search and go through a website containing tons of backlinks and try to understand their content and how they achieved those backlinks. 

old content rewriting

Skim and read all and correct all those blunders they have done in their content and rewrite and present similar content but in a better manner and create a backlink for your website.

Some points to keep in mind while checking:-

  • Grammar & punctuations: Check through every little detail that you should rectify in your article and have better wording and style of writing. Making it error-free and understandable to all.
  • Wrong statements: Run a fact check before you start writing and make sure it has no false accusations or any wrong statements; that will make your content a lot better than theirs in case they have some of these mistakes.

Make accurate information available to the viewers in a detailed way, so they don’t miss out on anything. But make sure it is not unnecessarily lengthy or excess wordy.

  • Appealing: Make your content more attractive to the viewers so that they would be interested in your website rather than theirs, which will give you a higher rank in Google searches. Have a consistent theme, subtle and nice colors, graphs, images, and many more.

5) Identify the broken links

Search for websites that have dead/broken links, reach out to them, mentioning their backlink is broken and that they should replace it, and you are ready to volunteer for it.

As no viewer will find that website trusting if it contains a broken link, no website will want it on its page either. Thus, to replace it, they would probably give you a backlink benefitting both them and your website.

301 backlink redirect error

Similar to a dead link, you might also find a 301 redirect to some links, and you can ask to replace for the same as well with your link, scoring yourself a backlink.

6) Spy on your competitors & analyze the backlinks gap

Analyze your competitors well and their backlinks because it is important to know who can provide you with a backlink.

Spy on competitors

Check out a few of your similar competitors and their tactics for getting a backlink, and if you spot the same website providing backlinks to many of them, then there is a slight chance of you getting a backlink from that website too.

You must fill out a request and the reason for getting a backlink to them. They will accept you if they find you worthy, just as your competitors did.

7) Use infographics to capture backlinks

The core key is to make your content interactive and attractive to the viewers so that they would not leave your page in just a few seconds and actually browse through it and might also keep coming back.

Create an attractive infographic and post it on your website. There are various infographic directories where you can submit your infographic.

infographic directories

Also, you can do email outreach to those people who have already liked such infographic content or shared them on their social media. Don’t ask for a link directly. If they like your infographic, they know what to do.

8) Use HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

When we talk about high-quality backlinks, getting links from relevant news sources or journalist blogs is like hitting the jackpot.

Wondering why so? That’s because such sites mostly have a high domain authority and getting featured there may also boost the trust level of your site.

Help a reporter out is a technique used by many bloggers to get a backlink. There’s a platform that provides journalists with news & stories. Sign up to its homepage and you’ll start receiving emails from HARO.

The emails you receive will contain requests for quotes, advice, news, tips, and so on. If you find any email that is relevant to your niche, write a response to it. If they choose your answer to get featured, you may earn a backlink from their site.


Although finding opportunities to develop links might occasionally be difficult, you can do so by using the correct link building tools and strategies. The above-mentioned strategies are some of the most used strategies.

Lastly, keep in mind that maintaining your backlinks is just as crucial as building them.

Did we miss some good backlink-building strategies? Which of these strategies did you apply to get backlinks to your website? Let us know in the comments below!


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