wordpressWordpress Internet Marketing Plugins

WP InstaEditor WP InstaEditor

Allows you to make as many pages or posts that you want to be inline-editable.

WP PageFlipper WP PageFlipper

Automates the process of flipping page one after another so that the visitor doesn't have to click to move to the next page.

WP PageFix WP PageFix

Helps you to generate a backup of your current 404.php page and facilitates faster reloading of your page.

WP FB Content Star WP FB Content Star

Constantly update your blogpost with the most viral content so that you don't need to curate and update content again and again.

WP Content Spread WP Content Spread

Spikes up the engagement levels of your viewers and boosts the popularity of your content.

WP Janitor WP Janitor

Cleans all the WordPress clutter in few clicks and also boosts your SEO ranking and makes your pages load faster.

WP Tag Seeder WP Tag Seeder

Become #1 in the search engines by publishing a post with carefully selected tags.

WP Viral Quiz Jeet WP Viral Quiz Jeet

Create engaging quizzes using highly customizable WP Plugin and spike your audience reach and engagement by many times!

WP Social Proof WP Social Proof

Designed to add and display testimonials from users of products and/or services that you offer. It allows you to leverage these testimonials to sell more products to the readers/website visitors.