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How To Build Backlinks For Free

Backlinks play a major role when it comes to ranking on Google. Backlinks are the key to ranking high on Google. SEO has a massive correlation with ranking and traffic from Google. It is a link to an external website linking to your website.  It is essential to have backlinks in case you want to…

The Secret Tool For Building Effective Backlinks

Are you struggling to get results from your search engine optimization strategy? Let’s find out what you can do to unlock the true potential of SEO… Search Engine Optimization has been around as long as search engines themselves and its popularity has only increased with time. Why? SEO is the ladder that lets your website…

What Are The Types Of Backlinks Needed To Get Google’s First Position?

Want to see your blogs ranking on the first page of Google?  When we consider working on building a successful SEO strategy, backlink plays a major role. Among the 100s of ranking factors that Google uses,there are 2 things that have the greatest impact — a) number & type of backlinks b) quality of content….