Twitter Growth Strategies - 2 Tips & Tricks to grow your twitter following

Hello, Folks welcome to the twelfth chapter of Twitter Marketing Strategies. In this lesson, we are going to talk about Using Influencers to Promote Your Business.

We are going to dig deeper on influencer marketing. First, let’s get a deeper understanding of influencers.

Influencers are people who have already established trustworthiness and believability. They have earned their audiences and followers’ trust through making valuable content.

They are the ones who can persuade others by their honesty and genuineness. The Twitterverse is a rich and varied place, especially when it comes to influencers on twitter.

In one corner, you’ll find people discussing events of the day. And in another, you’ll find people talking about the latest in technology or swapping opinions on fashion, travel, and the latest celebrity gossip.

Influencers are often mixed or mistaken by the definition of a celebrity. We need to know the difference between an influencer and a celebrity.

One of the biggest mistakes that the media makes is the failure to distinguish between celebrities and online influencers. This is a mistake we must avoid!

It is the biggest and most common mistake for most people.

Famous Celebrities v/s Influencers

A celebrity earns their fame from music, modeling, TV- shows, or movies. They consider themselves popular in the offline world. Celebrities have a wide range of demographics.

But it doesn’t mean that they have strong influence or the power to control purchasing decisions.

For example, The queen of entertainment influence on Twitter, pop star Katy Perry has over 109 million followers.

She uses Twitter to keep her fans up to date on her touring dates and album releases and to give a behind-the-scenes look into her world.

A Social Media Influencer earns their stardom particularly from producing content relevant to their niche. Most of these social media influencers don’t deem themselves popular in the offline world.

They don’t have a wide or extensive range of demographics but they have a strong and powerful influence on people in their niche.

Influencers have played a major role in promoting brands — both locally and internationally. This profile below is of an influencer on Twitter

What is Influencer Marketing?

Basically when someone who is considered an expert in the field, has a high reputation and helps you market your product can be said as Influencer Marketing.

These people may also be considered popular in certain markets and may then be seen as a knowledgeable source. Influencers typically have a sway over the things their followers buy.

Influencer Marketing is a mixture of the old and the new way of marketing. It holds the objective of celebrity endorsement. And range it to a modern content-driven marketing plan.

Important factor

Influence marketing is the development and delivery of advertising messages through influential people, opinion leaders, and not through the brand itself.

They influence by example, more so than using word of mouth to explain why someone should buy the product, unlike celebrities.

Let’s say you’ve already found your influencer and built a warm, long-term relationship with them.

Here are some tips and guidelines to help you work with your influencer for your brand promotion.

Give them the right to be creative

These influencers have their followers for a reason. They have their creative way of getting their followers’ attention and trust.

Let them be creative with the approach they’ll use to promote your brand. Take note if you try to impose rules and regulations, the relationship you worked for might go down.

Generalizing is not good

Don’t generalize your approach in finding and making use of different influencers to promote your brand.

Tailor your approach to the specific influencer. You should be able to adapt your approach with different influencers you’ll be talking to.

Here are some examples of brands that use influencers to promote their brand.

(VQFIT) This Clothing Brand has influencers laser targeted with their niche of people who are into fitness and bodybuilding.

(Sergi Constance) This actor and bodybuilder is one of their influencers and has more than 80k followers.

AS you can see from his tweets, he promotes and endorses the brand. We can also say that this brand posts a picture of their product being worn by this influencer.

Promoting your business on Twitter will be easier if you have grown your twitter followers, your tweets are liked by many people and most of your followers retweet the content that you post.

If you’re starting to grow your Twitter account and haven’t reached the peak goal for your total number of followers for the month or year. Then you can count on influencers to promote your business for you.

These influencers have already built a huge number of followers for several years since they have started creating their account on Twitter. Your goal is to generate more people to follow your business on Twitter.

And influence them to choose your business for your products or services.

These influencers can help you achieve your goal for your business. Choosing the influencers who are right for your brand will create a huge impact on your business.

Hope this topic was of use. We will now proceed to the next topic i.e, Share Links to Useful Content

Due to Twitter’s fast-paced nature, you can post content more frequently. Start with three to five tweets spaced out throughout the day and then vary your pace to see how it affects engagement and follower growth.

Sharing content on Twitter is a great way to attract more people to increase your brand awareness. People use Twitter to browse content that they can learn from.

Most contents viewed on Twitter are from News Networks, Influencers, artists, and professional brands.

When you share relevant content on Twitter, it will make it easier for people to check the content you shared. They will just click on the link and they will eventually see the content using the link.

This is because people prefer to do things faster. If you share a link then you must highlight the entire URL address. Then people won’t be bothered by the effort they have to make just to view the content.

If that is how they view articles, blogs, or videos to useful content, then lesser people will make an effort to view it.

Using clickable links helps make it easier for people to view that content.

Find out what your followers or potential audience like

Look at their tweets, you may find ideas of what they are interested in by checking out what they post. From this info, you can determine what topics you can share that these people would like.

Therefore, these people are most likely to click on the links that you will share.

Don’t forget to add relevant Hashtags

You don’t want to include every relevant hashtag you can think of in your tweets. Hashtags help make it easy for your target audience to find and join relevant conversations surrounding a specific keyword or phrase.

So, you should look to select the one or two hashtags that best relate to the content of your tweet.

The effectiveness of your tweet decreases when there are too many hashtags in a tweet. It is important to include hashtags when you share links to useful content.

Your followers will find your shared link to useful content beneficial for them. They will appreciate this as they will be updated and learn something new from it.

It is important to search to see how a hashtag is already being used on Twitter before you include it in any of your tweets or build a campaign around it. Depending on what you find, you may need to revise your hashtag.

People, who use the same hashtag related to your industry or something they are interested in can discover your tweet and follow you. Once they see that you post your content, retweet relevant posts, share links to useful content.

Then they will trust your brand more. That opens up a new set of audiences outside your followers.

The cycle continues until your tweets get retweeted often. More and more people will discover your profile and be aware of your brand. #ExpandingYourReach

Don't Just share the Link

Craft a compelling headline that creates curiosity among your audience. People will not click on any links they see on their feed unless they know what it is that they will expect to see.

Add an image to support what the useful content you are sharing is all about. This way people will stop browsing their feed and check out the link you shared since your image caught their attention.

Even if you’re sharing the content of other people you still have to make sure that you share links to your content.

Twitter users follow people on Twitter who are making unique content. They follow people because they find their tweets useful, interesting, entertaining, and not all self-promoting.

Share content that your target audience would like to see. If you know what your audience’s interests are then you won’t find it hard to look for useful content that you can share in your tweets.

Hope this Topic is useful we will now proceed to the next topic i.e, Promote Twitter using other accounts

A successful business is one that uses multiple social media channels cohesively and effectively.

Promoting your products or services on Twitter can generate leads for your business. Besides, you can also leverage your LinkedIn or Instagram accounts to promote your twitter profile.

These platforms can be used to get a different audience reach aside from Twitter. You can easily increase your audience reach if you use your brand’s on other social media platforms.

Let me show you how to use LinkedIn to promote your Twitter accounts tweet.

- Log in to your LinkedIn account

- From the top menu, click the Me icon

- From the drop-down menu choose Settings & privacy

- Choose the Account tab

- Click Partners and services

- Click on the Twitter Settings

- Using Twitter settings you can manage your twitter info and activity on your Linkedin account

- Click Add a Twitter account and enter your Twitter username and password.

- You will see this page now, if you link your twitter account you will be able to see tweets from your timeline.

- Click on the Authorize App button

- You have successfully added your Twitter profile to your LinkedIn profile.

From this setting, you may display on your profile that you have a twitter account linked to your Linkedin Profile.

Click Make primary to change the default account used for sharing on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Note: Your changes are saved automatically. You also have the option to display your Twitter handle on your profile for other members to see.

Let's see where we can find this on our Linkedin profile.

- Go to your LinkedIn profile

- Click contact info

- In the pop-up window you can view your twitter profiles.

People can easily go to your twitter account just by clicking on the link. They can check out your tweets and can even follow you.

Now let’s type a post using your Linkedin profile.

- Click start a post

- Type a headline for the link

- Paste the link

- Add Hashtags

- Now click who can see your post

- Choose any one + twitter

Click save and then click post

Anyone on twitter can see your post.

Link Instagram and Twitter

Instagram and Twitter are two popular social networking tools. You can configure Instagram to share with Twitter.

- Open the app to your profile and tap the "menu" button, represented with three parallel horizontal lines.

- Tap the "Settings" button and tap the "Account" option.

- Tap the "Linked Accounts" button and choose Twitter from the list of social networking services.

Enter your Twitter username and password for the account you wish to link and follow the instructions.

Linking Instagram and Twitter won't automatically share all your Instagram posts to Twitter.

Instead, when you post a photo or video to Instagram through the app, you'll see a slider button next to Twitter and other social networking services you've linked to Instagram.

Tap these buttons to toggle them on to have the photos duplicated to Twitter and other social networking outlets.

If you later decide to post a photo you've already shared with Instagram on Twitter, you can tap the photo on Instagram, tap the "menu" button represented by three dots and tap the "Share" button.

Adjust your desired caption and toggle buttons for the various networks including Twitter, then tap the "checkmark" button to share with the networks of your choice.

If you later change your mind and want to delete content you've shared from Instagram to Twitter, do so via Twitter as you would delete any Tweet.

Tap or click the "dropdown menu button" next to the Tweet and tap or click "Delete Tweet."

Hope this Topic was useful. We will now proceed to the next chapter.

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